What We Accept

We offer a host of services designed to assist with collecting your end of life e-waste assets. Our flexible collection options provide you with a multitude of choices to quickly, efficiently and safely get rid of all of your e-waste items. Whether you are looking to get rid of a single item or your business is upgrading campus-wide we have a collection service that makes this processes easy and convenient for you.

Please see a list of Items We DO NOT ACCEPT:

  • Any fossil fuel or materials used in collecting fossil fuels.

    Any infectious or biological wastes or equipment that contained them.

  • Any media contaminated with oil.

  • Any liquid.

  • Any chemicals, oils, or powders.

  • Any equipment that contains chemicals of any kind.

  • Any equipment that contains asbestos.

  • Any equipment that contains radioactive components

  • Any equipment that contains Freon.

  • Any materials that would adversely impact our operations or result in environmental or health problems.


NO Alkaline Batteries, NO Lightbulbs, & NO Large Kitchen Appliances.

Contact us if you have any questions!