Our Mission

What we do

Here at PC Recycle we’ve developed compliance-based, customizable e-recycling solutions for organizations across numerous industries. Clients choose PC Recycle not only because of our world-class customer service, but also our commitments to compliance and preserving precious ecosystems.

Why we do it

Keeping landfills free of e-waste is our first priority.  We manage our facilities to EPA standards, in safety and by maintaining a clean working environment. PC Recycle ensures that all e-waste handled meets or exceeds all required DTSC requirements for the safety of those who work with us and for our environment.

our mission & our goal

Step 1Collecting

We offer a host of services designed to assist with collecting your end of life e-waste assets. Our flexible collection options provide you with a multitude of choices to quickly, efficiently and safely get rid of all of your e-waste items. Whether you are looking to get rid of a single item or your business is upgrading campus wide we have a collection service that makes this processes easy and convenient for you.


Step 2Recycling

PC Recycle collects all your old monitors, laptops, routers, printers and other electronics whether it’s a few hundred or a few thousand items. Everything is disassembled and disposed of responsibly and in compliance with government and industry regulations. A Certificate of Data Destruction is issued upon completion of all jobs to confirm all data was wiped completely and is irretrievable.

Our GoalGreen Environment

Sustainability of our planet and responsible disposing of all e-waste products drives us daily. Our goal is to continue our impeccable track record with state and federal regulations to continue to offer our customers the safest and most convenient way to recycle their e-waste items. Every item that we are able to keep out of a landfill and dispose of responsibly is a win for the PC Recycle team.

Access our QEHS (Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety) Policy here.